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Dr Lee Ng’s Interview: Innovating in Insurance

Dr Lee Ng’s Interview: Innovating in Insurance

In a recent interview by Allan Tan with LumenLab’s Chief Operating Officer and VP of Innovation, Dr Lee Ng emphasised LumenLab’s main focus on disruptive innovation and reinvigorating the insurance industry. She focused on the main areas of health, wealth as well as ageing, providing examples of LumenLab’s projects – BerryQ, Misir Guru and Rememory – that relate to each of the three areas respectively.


Placing emphasis on customer-centricity, Ng remarked that LumenLab is “very focused on customer insights … [and] understanding customer problems”. She conveyed the importance of our Asian consumers’ problems in encouraging an innovation culture within companies, using a “test and learn” approach embedded in LumenLab’s innovation framework that allows us to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution”.


Read the full interview here (Tan 2016, Enterprise Innovation)

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