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conVRse creates an immersive and personalized customer experience.


By using a simple VR (Virtual Reality) headset such as Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR with a mid-range smartphone, customers find themselves in a 3D simulated virtual room, face-to-face with PNB MetLife’s insurance expert “Khushi”, a virtual avatar with a human voice, powered by one of the many live PNB MetLife insurance experts. These insurance experts are able to personalize the content shown to customers, including policy details, images, and videos.


Based on conVRse team’s observation and insights, customers are facing some challenges below in regards to servicing:

  • Customers value face-to-face interaction but are reluctant to spend time visiting insurance branches due to inconveniences such as long travel and waiting times as well as multiple visits for claims settlements.
  • Customers say that interlocutors are insurance generalists who are unable to field their specific requests.
  • Customers are unsatisfied with the low level of digitally-enabled services provided by insurance companies across the industry.

To overcome these challenges, conVRse aims to:

  • Reinvent insurer-customer engagement through a high quality, immersive, personalized, and intuitive 3D real-world service.
  • Differentiate MetLife from competitors with a disruptive experiential VR platform that will enable customers to create an emotional connection with the MetLife brand.
  • Enhance the efficiency of customer servicing with a digitized and highly-informative platform that also contributes to a sustainable business model by driving cost optimization and enabling scalability.


The conVRse team member is Aditya Rajashekaran.


Are you interested to learn more about conVRse or do you want to give it a try?

Contact aditya@lumenlab.sg

7 award winners, including the AIIA Innovation of the year award 2017
120 + unique media mentions globally
10 K serviced customers in india
95 % of users love their experience

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