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BerryQ is a a fun and bite-sized quiz platform that rewards users for learning about topics they care most. Our turnkey solution, completed with over 2,500 questions, enables organizations to easily launch a personalized challenge program for their employees. The program is an engaging way to educate employees on health and financial wellness. Meanwhile, the organizations also get to learn more about their employees through the data collected.


BerryQ helps organizations and their employees in the following ways:

  • EDUCATE – Raise awareness on topics that matter to employees
  • ENGAGE – Create and maintain touchpoints with employees
  • ENLIGHTEN – Help the organizations understand their employees better through analytics and insights

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BerryQ’s key features include:

  • Personalized health and financial wellness challenge program
  • Content library of 330+ quizzes
  • Gamified experience through time-based challenge, badges and rewards
  • Inspire action through call-to-action and recommended content
  • Analytics dashboards and reports
  • Corporate branding / Integration with corporate websites and apps
  • Secure, scalable SaaS platform that has served over 200,000 users
  • Available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Bengali, and Bahasa Melayu


The BerryQ’s team members are:

  • Lauren Liang
  • Ben Low


Looking for partnerships? Feel free to connect at info@lumenlab.asia

330 + quizzes in the content library
2500 + questions to easily build a personalized challenge program
285 K+ Users

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