Zero-X: an original piece of Thought Leadership from LumenLab

Zero-X: an original piece of Thought Leadership from LumenLab

We asked business leaders, industry stakeholders and customers through extensive research across Asia how people and brands will interact in 2023. Peering into the future by looking at today’s vectors, we tried to get a sense for the zeitgeist that is gathering momentum. 

Our goal was not to restate the unobjectionable. We wanted to take a point of view that could be debated and questioned but was bold. We tried to encapsulate the voice of the customer of the near future. And she is very different from today’s customer.

She told us that she will live in a bespoke world where each one of us is unique and included. Mass market offers just don’t appeal to her. She is influenced and is an influencer. She is also heard. Those without a voice are represented, enabled by new channels and business models that reach the next two billion.

She told us that she will live untethered and yet connected. Technology can’t be an addiction; she wants to move in and out, to be able to put away her phone when she wants.

She expects the same of her brands as she does of her friends: To form ecosystems and partner to solve problems seamlessly. Brands’ must harmonize to the tune of their customers.

She says that she expects the world to almost magically re-form around us. In a way, she is not talking about a disrupted world any more. Nor is she looking at an exponential or even an augmented world. Instead, she’s expecting a simpler world, where all the barriers and detours, all the red-tape and detractors, all the friction and delay is zerofied.

This is the prelude to the series of articles we will share with examples of how the winning brands of 2023 are winning with the customers of the near future. The research, available soon, is called Zero-X.

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